Saturday, 2 July 2011

Boat burning!

Looking at photos in the hall

Getting ready for the play

After the play, the boat is going to the top lawn

As you can see

From the back, paddling away...

What are we doing here again?

Can you smell something burning?

Can't tell what it is...

More pictures...!!!

Milling about the place

Add caption

Done by Luke!

Hall fills up

Sunshine!! It was a beautiful day!

St John's and the 35th anniversary

The centre piece of the day was a performance from Class 4 of the Death of Balder... here they are getting ready for the piece. Everyone is clearly getting into character there for crazy Vikings.

Balder and Hod

The Norns

The cast photo... well sort of

Flowers from the garden decorate the hall

The Hall...

Mary and Margaret

The beautiful plaque that was made by Philip for the hall

Here are a few shots of people milling about outside
See next post...