Sunday, 7 November 2010

Man and Animal Pt 2

Watercolours are an essential part of their curriculum. They do this from when they are in kindergarten, because water is the element that is related to the etheric. It not only nourishes the etheric, but it also enables them to see how colours form, as a bit of red bleeds into a bit of blue, it makes purple, and so they learn how colours come together in a very natural way.

The school uses only organic water colour by Mercurius, an anthroposophic supplier, which means they can be a bit smelly, but they are also incredibly vibrant and gorgeous. Hence these amazing colours.

The children have drawn with natural beeswax block crayons all their school lives if they began it in Class One.

I'm not sure what that is... hee hee

I can only imagine that's a cow...


They write these long involved stories on each animal. Here is one about the horse.

They also had to choose their favourite mammal and then do a project on it...

They just before mid terms, they did fractions!


Watercolour horses!

Pizzas teach fractions.

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