Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter Festival... what an amazing day!

The sun shone and everyone had a ball. Here are some of the photos of the festival and a wee look about the school.

Phil set up in the front yard and lent a great atmosphere to a sunfilled weekend.

Here we go... some potential 'clients'.

Class Four put on a Treasure Island which we won!!!

Eating outdoors in the heat. It was a truly fabulous afternoon.

Summer is here! Fingers crossed.

Nature table in the Kindergarten.

The grain that the children have sowed for the chicks!

Twisted hazel and easter eggs. It was truly festive.

Close ups.

The puppet show was Goldilocks and the set was absolutely adorable! Here is Goldilocks with her mommy.

The bowls of porridge

Images from the botany class.

Parents' craft stall...

Class Six's nature table...

And some thoroughly astonishingly seals they made...

Dragon head for Michaelmas

Michaelmas 2010

The arches which Lara worked so hard on.

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